Breakfast Bowl


You know what’s even more filling and satisfying than a superfood smoothie? A superfood breakfast bowl! When you’ve got a busy day ahead of you or you just need a little extra pick me up in the morning, breakfast bowls are the way to go.

We love using the Macaccino as the base of our breakfast bowls because it is already loaded with awesome superfoods, protein and a little caffeine for that extra boost. Not to mention it is seriously delicious.

To turn this already amazing smoothie into a kickass breakfast bowl, top it off with a handful of your favorite granola (ours is Granola Lab Activation Energy) for a little crunch. Add some chia seeds for those essential omega-3 fatty acids. Cut up a few almonds for their amazing heart health benefits and finish it off with a sprinkle of cacao nibs because… why not!

This is a tasty powerhouse combination, but feel free to experiment with your own toppings and share with us what your favorite recipe is @montaukjuicefactory. #mjflife. For more inspiration and to see what other wellness experts are fueling up on for breakfast, check out The Fashion Spot’s blog.

Macaccino Recipe:
1 1/2 Banana’s
1 TableSpoon Sunflower Seeds
1 Tablespoon Cacao
1 Date
1 Teaspoon Maca
1/2 ounce Vanilla
5 Ounces Cold Brew Coffee
pinch of Cinnamon
pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt

Blend until Smooth



How to Get the Best Night’s Sleep


Too many of us are still underestimating the value of a good night’s sleep. Why do we continue to do this to ourselves? We’ve read the studies. We know what good quality sleep can do for us: improved weight management, reduced cravings, increased energy, better mental clarity and decreased levels of stress and anxiety. So why do we insist on staying up late and regretting it the next morning? Whatever your reason is, we are telling you enough is enough. It’s time to start making sleep a priority and enjoying all of the amazing health benefits.

Here’s how to revolutionize your life and get your best night’s sleep, every night.

1. Create sleeping habits

One of the most important things you can do for your sleep cycle is to wake up and go to sleep around the same time every morning and night. It reinforces a sleep pattern and sends a signal to your brain to realize the right hormones.

2. Work it out

Exercising regularly can be one of the best solutions to chronic sleep problems. Studies have shown that people who exercise on a daily basis have significantly better quality of sleep and more energy throughout the day. Timing is important though. Be sure not to exercise too late in the day. The stimulation will make it harder for you to fall asleep, plus you won’t be able to get those workout jams out of your head.

3. Just say ‘no’ to caffeine (after a certain time).

Don’t worry we aren’t telling you to give up your morning cup of joe, or even that second one around 10:00. But you are going to want to skip the afternoon pick me up. The effects of that caffeine can linger around into the wee hours of the night like a house guest that’s overstayed their welcome. Try a cold pressed juice instead, they will give you the energy boost you are looking for without sacrificing the sleep later.

4. Dim the lights

Mood lighting anyone? As the sun sets, you want to dim the lights in your house as well. Bright lights stimulate your senses. Dim lighting will help your system wind down in preparation for lights out… plus everyone is more attractive in mood lighting anyway.

5. Sleepytime tea or mylk

One of our favorite ways to wind down is a warm mug of either tea or mylk. Any herbal tea will do or try a cup of your favorite mylk alternative warmed up with a teaspoon of turmeric and 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon for a delicious and sleep inducing treat. We have our delicious chia hemp Mad Mylk we recommend.

6. Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary

Your bedroom should be a place of blissful rest and relaxation. Create an atmosphere where you can unwind. Take an afternoon and declutter your space. Seriously get rid of all the unnecessary junk. Simplicity is key. Also, under no circumstances should you be bringing your work into the bedroom. Leave it at the door. You can’t be working right up until you want to go to sleep and then expect your mind to just shut off and get a good rest. We aren’t wired that way. Respect your sanity and the sanctity of your bedroom.

7. Enforce a technology curfew

This one may seem like the hardest… at least for us it is. But our computer and phone screens emit a blue light that reduces melatonin, the oh-so-important sleep inducing hormone. Set a technology curfew and be strict with yourself. At least one hour before bed shut it down- no more screens. Trust us that ultra important cat meme or newborn panda video isn’t disappearing overnight.

8. Aromatherapy

Scent can play a big role in relaxation. A few drops of lavender, chamomile or geranium essential oil can go along way. A nice foot or scalp massage (bonus points for convincing your partner to do it for you), or simply a few drops on your pillow case will do the trick. Lighting a soothing candle in your bedroom can also help create that sanctuary feeling.

9. Just Breathe

Breathing techniques and mediation can help quiet the body and mind and induce a serious state of relaxation. Try to just sit and focus on your breath. In and out, in and out- you get the picture. A 4-7-8 breathing technique can also lull you right into a deep slumber. Breath in through your nose for a count of 4, hold for a count of 7 and release through your mouth for a count of 8. Repeat 4 times, if you’re not already asleep by the third round.

10. Leave behind the worries of the day

There is no room in any bed, not even in a California king, for the day’s worries. Try keeping a journal by your bed. Pour out any stress from the day or any anxiety about tomorrow and leave it there. Write it all down until you’ve emptied your mind onto the pages. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a worry, or a reminder pops into your head, reach for the journal, write it down and go back to sleep.

Our best advice we can offer to you is to create a nightly routine that is sacred to you. If you want to sleep like a baby you need to set yourself up for a great night’s sleep just like good mothers do for their little ones. Whether it’s a warm shower, a facial steam, a relaxing yoga routine with some inversions, a mug of warm milk or tea, reading a good book, a hot compress, journaling, aromatherapy or meditation make sure it works for you and puts you in a state of peace and deep relaxation. You deserve it. Sweet dreams.

8 Steps to a Healthier You


1. Hydrate.

Drink up! We could all use more H2O in our lives. Divide your weight (in pounds) in half and that is the number of ounces you should drink each day. This will keep you hydrated without drowning out the nutrients. Squeeze some lemon in your water for added benefits and flavor.

2. Cut back on meat.

Meat is harmful to the environment and rough on your system. It is the hardest thing for your body to digest, and causes you to store more fat. Try ‘Meatless Mondays’ or if you want to take it a step further become a “Weekday Veg”:

3. Fill up on veggies.

At least half your plate should be filled with veggies. Don’t be shy, introduce a variety of vegetables into your diet, and go heavy on the dark leafy greens.

4. Sugar craving? Grab some fruit.

Replace sugary snacks with fruit or sweet veggies. Berries are a low sugar treat that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Carrots, beets or butternut squash roasted with a little raw honey and cinnamon make a delicious snack that will be sure to satisfy a sweet tooth.

5. Get moving.

Your body is meant to move. Find unique ways to add some movement into your day: gentle stretching, dancing to your favorite song, a few jumping jacks, walking somewhere instead of driving or simply taking the stairs. Incorporate more intense cardio, yoga or strength training into your routine at least 3 times a week.

6. Have a cold-pressed juice or smoothie everyday.

Cold pressed juice is the best way to get an immediate shot of vitamins, enzymes and nutrients right into your bloodstream, with no effort from your body. Smoothies are excellent sources of fiber which is important for overall health and great for your skin and hair. Add fun superfoods such as cacao, maca, chia seeds or goji berries to them for that extra POW!

7. Laugh.

Laughter really is the best medicine. Stress increases cortisol which leads to cravings, signals the body to store fat and puts you at greater risk of heart disease. So take a deep breath, stop taking life so damn seriously and enjoy a good belly laugh, at least once a day. We recommend more often though.

8. Get a goodnight’s sleep.

Stop underestimating the importance of sleep. We are serious! How much and the quality of sleep you get affects every aspect of your daily life. It’s helpful for stress management, immunity, weight control and your overall health. At least 8 hours a night is recommended. Create a nightly routine that helps you prepare for a deep and rejuvenating sleep and gets you excited for some well-deserved shut eye.


Raw Pesto Pasta


Traditional pesto pasta is incredible. A perfect comfort food with such an intense punch of flavor. But a giant bowl of pasta and cheese leaves me wanting to do nothing but take a long nap. So let’s take the unhealthy stuff out of the equation and substitute them with more vibrant and nourishing ingredients. This raw pesto pasta dish is delicious, light, and leaves you feeling fueled and invigorated.

The basil works as a fantastic anti-inflammatory, the zucchini is hydrating, the garlic boosts your immune system and the nuts are a great source of protein. Plus, this recipe is an absolute breeze to make and is ready to eat in minutes. enjoy it as a side dish or as an entree.

You will need:

3 large zucchini
1 cup of basil leaves
1/2 cup olive oil
1/3 cup slivered almonds
2 lemons
a pinch of sea salt
a pinch of black pepper
two large cloves of garlic
1 cup of yellow cherry tomatoes
1 cup sun dried tomatoes

To make the noodles, run your zucchini through a spiralizer or cut into long pasta like strips with a sharp paring knife. Squeeze juice of one lemon on noodles along with a sprinkle of sea salt. Mix and set aside in the refrigerator.

For the sauce, put basil, oil, almonds, garlic, and juice of one lemon in the food processor along with salt and black pepper to taste. Pulse until smooth.

Remove noodles from refrigerator and mix with sauce. Roughly chop both sun dried and fresh tomatoes and add to mixture. Toss and enjoy!

(Makes about two hearty servings)

Lee Kalpakis is a New York City based lifestyle blogger. Born and raised in the lush farmland of the Hudson Valley, she learned the basics of growing and preparing the food that came from the earth beneath her. It was then that her love affair with whole foods began. As a self taught cook, Lee specializes in recipes that follow a plant based diet. With a passion for raw and vegan cuisine and family roots deep in traditional Greek and Polish comfort cooking, she works to marry the best ideas of new and old world meals with upstate and urban New York style. When she isn’t playing a show with her band or petting dogs, she’s daydreaming about fruits and vegetables and isn’t afraid to admit it.

This Is Why I MJF: Scott Sisco


Name: Scott Sisco

Occupation: “I started hauling fish with the commercial fishermen on the dock, now I haul garbage for Mickey’s.”

Location: “I was born in Queens, NY and moved to Montauk in ’85″

This is Why I MJF:

“I’m trying to better myself from where I’ve come from. I tried the juice to more or less experiment with it and to see what it was all about. The first juice I tried was the Dope Beet, now it’s my favorite. I tried it because I knew it was good for my system and my heart. Beets are especially good for your heart. I have tried and experimented with the other flavors and liked them all.”

“As far as eating goes, I don’t eat as much junk food as I used to. I’ve started eating yogurt, fruit and granola. I’m trying to break away from all the crap.”

“The anti-inflammatory juices have helped with my injuries and pain. I injured my shoulder when a dumpster fell off the truck and I tried to grab it. That was 7 years ago. Juicing has been a good thing for my shoulder.”

“The biggest thing for me is less coffee. I’m trying to move off coffee and switch to juice to get me going. All I need is a little Macaccino for my wake up and it’s all good. I’ve gone from 5 cups a day to 1 a day. I’m drinking more juice now and have more energy than before.”

Juicing makes you feel better about yourself. It gives you a better attitude about everything.”

We are inspired by the amazing people who we meet everyday. We’ve discovered each of them has a unique and powerful reason they choose to invest in themselves and their health. We are stoked to share these stories because our mission is to not only deliver the most nutrient-dense, righteous juice on the planet but also to leave people and places better than we found them. This is why we MJF.


Wild Child Tea

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During these cold months your body craves warmth, especially first thing in the morning. The Wild Child is always a refreshing and invigorating jumpstart to your day- whether you’re cleansing or simply looking for a way to stay healthy and energized this winter. We recommend heating up this elixir as the perfect nurturing reset for your body and morning routine.

Savor your mornings with a mug of our Wild Child tea and soak up these amazing benefits:

Filtered H2O: You should start off every morning with water. Your body is detoxifying itself while it’s sleeping so it’s especially important that you hydrate and flush out those toxins.

Lemons: Lemons are alkalizing and help bring balance to your system. They stimulate brain function and are high in pectin fiber which will set you out on the right foot and help fight hunger cravings throughout the day. They also provide a dose of vitamin C, which you can’t get enough of during this time of year.

Wildflower Honey: Honey is loaded with vitamins, minerals and enzymes which protect the body from bacteria, boost the immune system and soothe the throat. It also kickstarts digestion and provides a natural boost of energy.

Cayenne: Cayenne not only clears your sinuses and congestion; but also relieves minor aches that may come from sleeping the wrong way. It gets your blood pumping and revs up your metabolism giving you that “Get Up and Go” attitude. Bonus: it warms you up from the inside out- which is especially needed on those chilly mornings when you may find that simply leaving the comfort of your cozy bed is a struggle.