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All of our recipes are carefully designed with a purpose in mind. We pair nutrient dense fruit and vegetable juice to create powerful and righteous blends. We love incorporating spices into our drinks to give them a little kick and provide you with the additional healing benefits. Spices are a simple, affordable and delicious way to give your body an extra boost and promote overall optimal wellness. You can use spices in your cooking to transform ordinary dishes into healthy gourmet meals.
Our Bonfire Cider, a raw immunity boosting cider, is a fall favorite and has three of our favorite spices: cayenne, turmeric and cinnamon.


Heat things up with a touch of cayenne pepper. The substance capsaicin gives cayenne its spiciness, as well as all its amazing health benefits. Cayenne pepper is an anti-inflammatory agent helping to relieve aches and pains. It is known to rev up your metabolism. Sprinkling a little cayenne on your food can help your body digest food faster, helping you burn more fat. Cayenne pepper can increase circulation, promoting a healthy heart. It can also stimulate the lymphatic system, helping your body detox more efficiently.
Sprinkle cayenne over your eggs. Sautée it with bitter greens like kale and watercress. Add a dash to hot cocoa for a spicy decadent treat, or try our Wild Child for the ultimate reset for your system.


Turmeric is a powerful spice that has been used in Chinese and Indian medicine for centuries. Curcumin is a medicinal compound that gives turmeric its bright yellow pigmentation. This active ingredient is also what makes turmeric an anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. It is full of antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc. It can aid in digestion, helping with weight management. It can increase the production of enzymes that neutralize free radicals and improve liver detoxification.
Add turmeric to soups for a savory exotic twist. Roast it over nuts or sunflower seeds for a crunchy snack or crouton alternative. Add zest to homemade salad dressings and marinades. Our Liquid Sunshine is full of turmeric as well as other immunity boosting ingredients. Check out our blog for a list of more creative and delicious ways to spice up your diet with turmeric.


Cinnamon is wonderful spice you can use to sweeten food without adding sugar. It doesn’t just sweeten your food but provides a variety of health benefits. It can lower your blood sugar, LDL which is your bad cholesterol, as well as triglycerides. It can increase circulation. It is an anti-inflammatory agent, helping to ease muscle and joint pain, as well as stiffness. It has been known to boost cognitive function and memory. It can also reduce cravings, as well as provide you with natural and sustainable energy.
Sprinkle cinnamon over oatmeal. Use it as a healthy sweetener for your coffee or tea. Roast apples or pears with cinnamon and honey for a delicious fall treat. Add it to a lentil or black bean soup for a sweet and savory combination or try our Mad Mylk for a satisfying protein boost.
There are many more amazing spices to incorporate into your diet: cumin, coriander, curry and ginger, to name a few. Start building up a killer spice rack by buying one every time you’re at the grocery store. They last you a long time and really up the ante, health and taste wise, on any food you’re preparing.


At MJF, we began to ask ourselves: if you wouldn’t eat something, why would you put in on your body? This question inspired the MJF Apothecary: a handmade, small-batch self care line made from botanicals, florals, minerals, oils, various earth elements and organic food grade ingredients. Taking the same principles we use to make our cold-pressed juice, we created a line of seasonal, plant-based formulas to serve as a natural alternative to products that use harsh dyes, chemicals or additives. Each artisanal blend, like our juices, is designed with a purpose in mind and every ingredient that we include in our products is there for a specific therapeutic reason. This results in pure, highly concentrated and effective formulas, with ingredients to reduce inflammation, redness, blemishes, dry skin and other ailments caused by imbalances within our bodies. These powerful, bio-active ingredients provide absorption into the deepest layers: delivering rich nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants for radiant and beautiful skin and optimal health.
We formulate treatments that combine essential vitamins, minerals and botanicals to restore skin to its optimum radiance and vitality. In addition to creating products that give you noticeable and real results, we also create our products with self care and, yes, a little indulgence in mind. We believe that daily bathing and skincare rituals should be enjoyable and full of good vibes- a way to carve out some much-needed downtime in your routine. From the recipes we use to the packaging we chose we aim to allow the organic and wildcrafted ingredients to really shine through. The containers are selected for beauty, healthy and purity, plastic is used sparingly and all of the packaging is set up to be easy and fun to reuse or recycle. Our products are designed to inspire, support wellness and truly bring the joy back to taking care of yourself. Using these formulations together regularly you can create a sustainable daily routine that will nourish, detox and revive your mind, body and spirit.
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This is why I MJF: Brigette Muller

Name: Brigette Muller aka @Hummusbirrrrrrrd
Occupation: Free People Marketing and Creative Services Coordinator
Location: Brooklyn, NY
This is Why I MJF:
“I believe that loving and nurturing one’s own self is the key to overwhelming happiness on this here earth. So often do we put ourselves on the back burner in order to take care of others – and to take care of that never-ending list of things we have to get done – without realizing that we’re burning ourselves out. We have to take care of ourselves first. It may sound selfish, but it really is just the opposite. Only after we take the time to nurture our own bodies and minds; only after we make an effort to fill ourselves with love, can we take those positive vibes we’ve created, infuse them into everything we do, and spread them to everyone who crosses our paths.”
“Just about a year ago I finally decided to just drop everything and put my health first. I started to fill my life with natural beauty products and rituals that make me feel like a goddess. I began to move my body more and more, gently building its strength and pushing it to reach incredible new limits. I decided to allow only the best foods into my body – organic, whole, real and nutrient-filled goodness. And juicing has been a huge part of this whole transformation. As soon as I take a sip, I can feel the gorgeous nutrients seeping into my body, filling me with light. I notice it in my energy; my skin; my overall happiness. It’s instant gratification, yet the benefits seem to be everlasting.”
“Making my health a priority has been the best decision I’ve made in this life thus far – a solution that was right within arm’s reach this whole time. My one hope is for everyone else on this earth to make the same realization. If we love and care for ourselves first, everything else will come naturally.”
We are inspired by the amazing people who we meet everyday. We’ve discovered each of them has a unique and powerful reason they choose to invest in themselves and their health. We are stoked to share these stories because our mission is to not only deliver the most nutrient-dense, righteous juice on the planet but also to leave people and places better than we found them. This is why we MJF.