1 Way to Jumpstart Your Day

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your overall health is begin your day with lemon water. It’s the perfect jumpstart to your day. This simple new habit will start your day off on the right note. It’s a little change- budget friendly and not at all intimidating- that is sure to show you big results.
Most of us wake up dehydrated leaving you with decreased energy levels. So keep a glass of lemon water by your bed for when you wake up. Your body is detoxifying while you sleep so it is important to drink up when you wake up to rehydrate and flush out toxins.
Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach will:

– Kickstart your digestive system

– Curb hunger cravings throughout the day

– Provide you with a boost of antioxidants and vitamin C

– Speed up your metabolism

– Boosts weight loss

– Cleanse the liver

– Hydrate your body

– Alkalize your system

– Improve your skin.

It has so many benefits and is so simple, right? Bonus: it wakes up your brain and energizes your mood so you may finally become a “morning person.” or not…..

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