10 Signs You May Need A Detox


  1. Struggling to keep your eyes open during that 2pm meeting? Another cup of coffee isn’t the answer. Your body is exhausted from battling all the toxins.
  2. Backed up? We won’t go into further detail but this could definitely be a sign of too many preservatives, processed foods and toxins
  3. Finding your co-worker’s perfume or the leftovers they brought for lunch extra offensive? Sensitivity to scents can be a symptom of toxin overload.
  4. Can’t seem to drop those last few pounds? You’ve been watching what you eat and hitting the gym but your skinny jeans remain untouched. Rude. It could be a hormonal problem, which are affected by toxins and the food you eat.
  5. Dragon’s breath? Woof. A baseball player sized wad of Dentyne isn’t going to do the trick. Get to the source of bad breath: your digestive system.
  6. Do you wake up feeling like you ran a marathon when, in reality, your workout consisted of opting for the stairs instead of the elevator? Toxins can cause inflammation that attacks your muscles and joints, leaving you feeling sore and achey.
  7. Avoiding mirrors and all reflective surfaces? If you’re suffering from breakouts, dryness or puffy eyes don’t try to cover up the problem- fix it!
  8. Did you just honk at a bunch of school children crossing the street? Getting irritated with everyone these days might be a reason to blame those toxins- they can really screw up your hormonal balance.
  9. Experiencing brain fog? Sorry… what did you just say? Snap out of the toxin cloud, and get back to making s*** happen!
  10. Tangled up in your sheets from all the tossing and turning at night? Toxins can mess with your melatonin levels which signal your body for sleep.

Who do these toxins think they are? Seriously… messing with your sleep, your waistline, your mood, your skin and- most importantly- your sanity! Take control of your body and send those toxins packing.

Juice cleanses are an amazing way to hit the reset button on your system, flush out toxins and nourish your body. But there are tons of small and easy things you can incorporate into your daily routine to detox yourself as well.

  • Drink plenty of water (bonus points for squeezing some lemon into it).
  • Try oil pulling followed by tongue scraping each morning.
  • Dry brush before showering or taking an epsom salt detox bath.
  • Eat plenty of raw and organic fruits and veggies, especially leafy greens.
  • Sweat it out with plenty of regular exercise.
  • Practice the art of deep breathing

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