All Good Things Are Wild And Free



At MJF, we are diehard beach bums. Cold, hot, overcast, pouring rain: there is something renewing and spiritual about being at the beach. Usually because it means you are stopping to enjoy life. Part of MJF life is taking breaks to take it all in.




We spent a day collecting treasures, soaking up the salty air and reveling in the art of doing nothing but enjoying Mother Nature. Yes, please believe, salty air and sand beneath your toes is epic and therapeutic: but, even if you don’t live close to the ocean taking some time to enjoy something that costs nothing is a powerful thing. Feeling the warm breeze on your face, sitting on a park bench, dipping your toes in a pond, stopping to look up from your phone and soak up the sun, or observing the clouds like you’re seeing them for the first time. These are things that ground you and make you take pause and remind you how good it is to simply be alive.



Testing the wind. Ummmm, let’s see. Yup, it’s every which direction.



Montauk rocks.

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