Summer is right around the corner and we are stoked. We are ready for sunny beach days, epic sunsets that stretch into 9 o’clock and those warm magical nights. This deliciously tropical and clean cocktail combines two handcrafted Montauk products into an easy-to-make drink that will hold you over while you wait for best the season to arrive.
Our Liquid Sunshine is sweet and tangy, with anti-inflammatory properties that will prevent the aches and pains associated with a hangover. Montauk Rum Runners Coconut Rum is locally made in small batches using the finest ingredients. These two are a match made in cocktail heaven, producing a refreshing combination with an exceptionally smooth finish.
What you will need

Combine Liquid Sunshine and Montauk Rum Runners Coconut Rum in a shaker with ice and shake for 20 seconds. Strain over a glass with ice and garnish with an orange slice. Cheers.

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