All of our drink recipes are highly functional, purpose-driven and designed with a specific benefit in mind. The Liquid Sunshineis our GLOW drink. The ingredients in this drink were carefully chosen to benefit your complexion and are meant to make you feel radiant from the inside out.
The orange and lemon juice in the Liquid Sunshine are rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C which helps fight free radicals.

The pineapple juice, ginger juice and turmeric powder are all powerful anti-inflammatory agents. They can help reduce some puffiness or even out those skin tones.

Aloe Vera juice is extremely hydrating, keeping skin tissues nourished and strong, giving you baby soft skin.

Coconut water sends more oxygen to the skin promoting proper breathing of the skin, giving you healthy and flawless skin. Coconut water also contains high levels of cytokines and lauric acid, two essential anti-aging nutrients required for cell growth and regeneration.

Soak up the sunshine and cheers to a delicious and thirst quenching drink that may or may not be straight from the fountain of youth.

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