Juicing 101 Workshop


Whether you are looking to cleanse your system, start incorporating healthier choices into your daily routine or would like to know just what the heck the big deal is with this juice world- our Juicing 101 Workshop has the answers you are looking for.

We like to keep our workshop light and fun, while we give you a brief overview and some insider insights into this new and evolving world of juicing. We make all the information very digestible and leave you with some awesome take-aways for you to implement into your everyday routine.

We cover the basic do’s and don’t’s of juicing, while clearing up some common myths and misconceptions. We will teach you how to properly read labels and make sure you know exactly what you are looking for to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. We distinguish the difference before some common terminology such as cold press, centrifugal, masticating, raw and High Pressure Pasteurization. We highlight specific superfood ingredients that we use in our juices and that you will want to include in your recipes if you are juicing at home. We leave you with a simple and totally do-able weekly detox regimen that will give your routine the reset it needs and have you feeling completely revived.

We are big fans of open forums and encourage any and all questions. Our goal by the end of this workshop is to have our audience feeling enlightened, empowered and excited about nourishing their bodies with clean sustainable fuel.

The best part is we can come to you! Perfect for your workplace, your next yoga/fitness retreat or just a group of friends who are looking to learn more about the benefits of juicing. Contact us at hello@montaukjuicefactory.com to get the good vibes going!


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