At MJF, we are creating easy steps for you to make your lives healthier and more vibrant because we want you to be more focused and successful. Our team came up with the MJF Office Pick Me Up program where we can bring our lineup of cold pressed juices to your workplace. We know you are busy so we want to make this as simple as possible for you!

Cold pressed juices are great for overall optimal health! They can help clear away the cobwebs in your mind while increasing mental clarity. Our purpose driven lineup of raw juices keep you performing at peak levels and can help boost your creativity, productivity and even your mood.

Kickstart your mornings with a blast of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and set yourself apart from your team. Busy afternoon? Grab an MJF for a true “power lunch” that will leave you nourished from the inside out. You will notice less of those cravings that lead you to the vending machine. Swap out a juice for that mid-afternoon coffee or sugary snack and experience sustainable energy without any crashes. Keep your day going strong after you clock out: enjoy a juice on your commute home or as fuel for your post-work gym session.

Our juice is 100% raw, organic and always fresh. We can help you revive your drive and operate at your peak performance levels throughout the day. Let us help you tackle any project, snag that on-the-fence client, or crush that big presentation.

If you are ready to stock your office with MJF, we offer several options:

  • Individual office drop-offs allow you to have your own weekly stock up of juices. Check out our deliveryand subscription options.
  • Gather a few coworkers and take advantage of our group cleanse discounts.
  • Big staff meeting? Boost office morale and productivity with fresh cold pressed juices for your team. Bonus: more juice means less sick days!
  • Important client presentation? Healthier clients are happier clients and happier clients spend more money. That is an MJF fact.
  • We also offer a Juicing 101 Workshop that is a great option for your next Wellness Day or for any team looking to learn more about the world of juicing and implementing a healthier lifestyle.


Cold pressed juice catering can elevate your corporate culture. We are passionate about encouraging workplace wellness and supporting those who want to invest in their health. We believe when everyone feels their best they are able to do great things and pass on the good vibes. Email us at hello@montaukjuicefactory.com for more details or with any questions.

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