Our Green Mama is seriously one badass lady. She is packed with pounds (and pounds) of dark leafy greens. You couldn’t eat enough salads to compare, your mouth would get tired out from chewing. Daily serving of vegetables? Try weekly in one Green Mama. Abundant in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients she takes care of you just like a good mama should. This drink nourishes you on a cellular level for optimal overall health.

When we created our intentional and purpose-driven recipes, we wanted to create an all green drink, that would be deeply nourishing for all the organs and cells in your body. When we say no fruit, we mean, no fruit (yes that includes lemon),no ginger – nothing but green goodness. So if you can’t have any sugar or fruits, no fear the Green Mama is here to nourish you body and soul.
The second you take a sip of the Green Mama you will feel the energy of the earth nourishing your whole body with raw and potent plant power, this is the real deal.

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