What a blissful summer. Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool. Hanging out poolside sipping summery cocktails, getting lost in a good read or dozing off in the warmth of sun. Taking well deserved time outs for all the long hours put into the daily grind. Just because summer Fridays are no more at the office and there is a change in the air doesn’t mean your attitude towards downtime needs to change. Don’t let summer be the only time you indulge in relaxation.
Don’t revert back to your life of go, go, go. Pushing and pushing, cramming one more task onto our ever-growing and never-ending to-do list.  Remember how good it feels to go off the grid for a little, to step away from it all and just savor the moment. Keep the summer vibes going strong all year long. We have a task to add to that list that you are not allowed to push off until tomorrow:rest.
Ditch the excuses. Everyone is busy. If you don’t slow down and prioritize downtime, you’re going to burn yourself out and be too exhausted to accomplish anything. Find time to do nothing and simply enjoy it. No guilt. No making a list in your head of what you have to do after you’re done doing “nothing”. Your mind and body are connected. That constant freight train of thoughts speeding through your head isn’t just taking a toll on your mind, but exhausting your entire body. So shut off your mind for a little.
Here is one simple step of how to do it. Take five minutes. Yes, to start just take five minutes.  Everyone has five minutes, we know you do. If you do this for yourself you will see how easy and essential it is.  During times of stillness, we breathe more deeply, see more fully, think more clearly and hear more keenly. Taking these few moments a day to yourself are easier than you think. So take 5 minutes to sit and focus on your breathing. Take deep calming breaths from your diaphragm. That’s all it takes to start. Here’s the secret to life: the key to gaining more time is taking a time out.
You will experience more mental clarity. That problem you couldn’t solve becomes comically easy to fix. That creative new idea you have been searching the corners of your mind for makes itself known. The light bulb above your head easily upgrades from a 40 watt to a 100 watt bulb  (just be careful not to blind anyone).  You will feel a new level of energy. A natural sustainable energy that didn’t come from guzzling down coffee and it won’t leave you irritable and exhausted with a defeating crash a few hours later. With all this new clarity and energy you are going to be more efficient, productive and be checking off your to do list with new vigor and enthusiasm. You are going to free up your time and have more time to rest and so the cycle continues.
Trust us, just 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes will soon become 10, then 20. The next thing you know you are waking up with the sun to meditate for an hour before you start your day.  Take this change of season to explore this life-changing tip and you are guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of your newfound Zen in no time, we promise.

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