This Is Why I MJF: Jen Cronley


Name:Jen Cronley

Occupation: Jen is a 7th generation Reiki Master, in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage. She provides reiki treatments and trainings at Deborah Thompson Day Spa, and holds biweekly reiki meditation circles at Yoga Lila which are open to everyone! Jen also works as a bilingual social worker. She helps domestic violence survivors and families in crisis.

Location: Montauk, NY (born and raised) “I LOVE MONTAUK! She is my home and she is my heart.”

This is Why I MJF:

“ I think of the juice as delicious medicine for my body and soul.”

“I care about what I put into my body, and drinking MJF juice and booster shots enable me to get the nutrients I need, quickly and deliciously. Sometimes I will get a couple of juices to get me through the day until dinner, when I want to treat my body extra well and give my digestive system a rest. Other days I will get a Green Mama to drink in addition to my regular meals, because I know I will get a mega dose of the good stuff! And sometimes I get something sweet, like a Macaccino, just to sip on throughout the day.”

“I believe in good vibes, and I want to keep my vibration high and clean. When I drink this juice, I can taste the love that is the Montauk Juice Factory!”

“I believe in supporting local businesses and growing a wellness community in Montauk, and MJF fits right in.”

We are inspired by the amazing people who we meet everyday. We’ve discovered each of them has a unique and powerful reason they choose to invest in themselves and their health. We are stoked to share these stories because our mission is to not only deliver the most nutrient-dense, righteous juice on the planet but also to leave people and places better than we found them. This is why we MJF.


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