Why I Fell For Green Juice and Why You Should Too

love and juice: what it's all about.


We are absolutely thrilled and honored to be able to bring green juice to Montauk. It has long been an obsession and a life changer for all of us at MJF. Our energy levels, health and appearance were so significantly changed by the power of green juice… and we loved the convenience of drinking it at anytime. It quickly took over our morning coffee on our way to work and for those sketchy energy drinks when we needed a pre going out pick me up.

Here’s a short list of why I fell head over heels for the juice:


1. Green means vitality.

The awesome green color in these vegetables comes from chlorophyll, which is actually like sunshine in a liquid form! Plants harness the sun’s energy in photosynthesis, and we can cash in on all that powerful energy and vitality when we ingest these plants. They are high vibrational and plants make us feel ALIVE! I seriously will feel a nutrient buzz after one of these babies that is like a plant based high.


2. My body and diet were seriously lacking. 

We can all use a little nutritional boost- no matter how healthy we eat. I thought by eating mostly plantbased food with grains and seeds that I was doing right by my body. It is a great start but, sadly, most fruit and vegetables are grown in a soil that’s depleted compared to what it used to be years ago, so they don’t contain as many nutrients as they once did. It’s worth adding a concentrated and easily absorbed boost to your day as a true, real food multivitamin supplement. I always feel like it’s a shot of phytonutrients right to your bloodstream.


3. My life was stressful and busy and stressful and busy….

Stress and pollution happen to us on a daily (hourly, minutely?) basis. This causes inflammation and literally wears down on our bodies and energy levels. We now need more antioxidants and alkalizing greens than ever. Being on the run and having no energy used to make me want to reach for a coffee or diet soda or an afternoon chocolate bar- all of which used to further zap my energy.  My body was getting depleted and it was a vicious cycle. Too tired to eat well, to tired to work out, grab a quick fix, feel worse. Adding a green juice or smoothie to my day provided me with both that instant pick-me-up and a lasting energized and uplifted effect.


4. Green juices are the true breakfast of champions.

I love brunch, I hate breakfast. If you’re someone like me who isn’t particularly found of breakfast or feel like they don’t have time for a “complete and balanced breakfast” a juice or smoothie first thing is an easy go-to. It requires less processing and chewing and sitting and cleaning, yet provides you with plenty of nutrients to start your day off on the right foot. Especially when you can grab and go right from our MJF fridge, there is actually no prep or dishes to clean 


5. I want to stick it to the man. The health insurance man. 

Disease prevention is the best form of insurance. There’s no better health insurance than preventing disease in the first place. Do your part to avoid having to pay hefty medical bills later and dealing with the emotional strain by providing your body with plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods, such as leafy greens, berries, avocado and coconut oil. “Pay the money to your farmer now, instead of to a hospital later” is one of our MJF mantras.


6. More greens means less room for other bad stuff.

As the truth about the industrialized, processed and factory-farmed meats and dairy products and processed sugars and chemicals and dyes that belong in a horror movie not on a grocery shelf begin to come out, many of us are making a choice to eat less of these foods. Instead, we’re reaching for other nutrient-dense sources of calcium, protein and fat. Greens are one of the best plant sources of calcium, magnesium and iron, and even contain a nice dose of protein. For real! And, greens don’t have to be boring. There are a limitless combination of things you can add to your greens to boost the benefit or the taste. The feeling after you juice is all the proof you need to want to swap out that vending machine snack for a bottle of goodness.


7.  I’m always on a quest for optimal health. I wanna live long, feel awesome, and- I’ll be honest- look goooood. 

Humans are living longer and are in constant search of ways to improve our well-being and quality of life. The quest is on for a more natural way of life. We’re a generation fed up with company’s claims for anti-aging, weight loss, quick fix, chemical laden bs solutions that come in forms of man made pills and potions and shots. We are educated and informed and we are truth seekers in search of optimal health, and not ready to settle for anything less. I believe the green drinks boom has happened as a result of this immense motivation to be the best we can be. Fully radiant and operating on all cylinders, just as nature intended.


green juice madness

Much MJF love,




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