Beach Break

At MJF we don’t have work breaks, we have beach breaks- and we aren’t just referring to our delicious and refreshing watermelon, mint, and hibiscus juice (although that is a fan favorite). When we need some time to unwind, we take to the beach. Not only is a walk along the beach awesome for clearing the mind and relaxing but it also has added health benefits!


Walking in the sand requires about 2.5 times more energy than walking on hard surfaces. This causes you to burn 20- 50% more calories, without being too hard on your joints and feet due to the natural cushion the sand provides for you.


Not only does the sand feel amazing as it massages your soles but it also activates venous and lymphatic circulation. Sand also serves as mother nature’s exfoliant, peeling away dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother and rejuvenated.


If you let the waves come up and splash your legs while you’re strolling along the coast, you will be getting the added benefit of soaking up all the minerals that are in salt water that cleanse and  heal the skin.


Walking barefoot is thought to ground us and reconnect us with nature, allowing us to de-stress and fill us with good vibes.


By Colleen Kelly




 Photo Cred: @laurenrmarks





Ain’t No Party Like An MJF Party: You’re Invited


Dear Friends and Family:

We as a community have begun looking towards real food! Montauk Juice Factory aims to bring these options to you with a chic and clever twist. Montauk is a town deeply rooted in its traditions, lifestyle and setting. MJF is a statement that you care about your health and value true wellness.

Come see, feel, taste and smell the outstanding benefits of our products! May 17, 2014 starting at 12:30PM until whenever you want!

“Keep me up til the sun is high”

-MJF Crew

MJF 101: Keep it Local


MTK sunset boat pic small

We love Montauk. Simple is that. It is our honor and privilege to be a part of this vibrant and magical place and we want to give back to the community as much as possible. We believe in supporting local businesses, farmers, and families. Stop by the shop to learn more about some of our initiatives to help Montauk stay excited, educated and energized… or check out our “Creative Juices” gallery dedicated to the people and local artists who continually inspire us.


MJF 101: Keep it Sustainable

farmers market MTK

MJF: down to earth, from the earth, for the earth.

Mother Nature is the star of the show here at MJF and we want to work hard to make sure she continues to shine bright. Environmental compliance and sustainable performance are core values and part of daily practice. We believe in nature’s awesomeness and know it is our duty to help protect and preserve it. Whether it’s a commitment to reducing energy use, recycling or using eco-friendly products, we always are working hard to continually reduce our impact on the environment.

We also donate our pulp to local farmers and community gardens for compost so we can continue to enjoy Nature’s incredible life cycle.



MJF 101: Keep it Raw, Keep it Easy.


We started this juice bar because of our personal passion, experience and desire to share it. Once each of us tried cold-pressed juicing, we could not ignore the incredible benefits of REAL juice. We slept better, felt better, worked out better, reduced our cravings, had clearer skin and felt revitalized. Our love for juicing grew as our knowledge of plant-based healing grew. We are neither vegan or vegetarian, we respect all food and ways of life and believe food is meant to be medicine. We also firmly believe, no matter your preference, that being healthy should be EASY.


We love making our juices for you so the dirty work is handled: you can just grab a bottle of MJF on-the-go, drink it up and be prepared for any adventure.

MJF: In the Making

Construction MJF 4

Our store’s buildout. It’s happening! We open this May and couldn’t be more excited. Soon this fridge will be stocked with a rainbow of freshly made, raw cold pressed juices and the store packed with smiling faces!

Construction MJF

Right next to Yoga Lila and a few short steps from the beach, MJF is situated in an uber convenient spot.


Let the sun shine in. Construction continues and we are itching to press our first bottles in the factory.

Construction MJF 2

Stainless steel on wood. Beach house meets state of the art juicing facility.



Big thanks to the very talented  Plot 1 and Sean Kinney and his team for making it possible for us to bring cold-pressed awesomeness to the people of The End.


Much love,

the MJF Crew