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MJF Cleanses

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Detox: Wild Child, Green Lemonade, Green Mama, Dope Beet, The Ditch, Mad Mylk, Shot of Ginger.


To erase the waste. Help your body push out the toxins and replenish with vital nutrients.

Email: [email protected] | Phone: 631.668.8286

Revive: Wild Child, Sweet Harvest, The Ditch, Green Mama, Bonfire Cider, Mad Mylk, Shot of Aloe Vera.


To revive the drive. Give your body, especially your digestive system, a much needed break for a fresh start.


Email: [email protected] | Phone: 631.668.8286

Glow: Wild Child, Liquid Sunshine, Beach Break**, Green Mama, Sweet Harvest, Mad Mylk, Shot of Hibiscus Extract.


To leave you glowing from the inside out. This cleanse won’t just make your insides feel restored but will also leave you with healthier skin, hair, and nails.


** The Beach Break is a seasonal drink and will be replaced with the Green Lemonade for the fall and winter.

Email: [email protected] | Phone: 631.668.8286

Nourish: Wild Child, Sweet Harvest, Green Mama, Green Lemonade, The Ditch, Green Mama, Shot of E3 live!


To nourish your body and soul. Experience the energy and restoration that comes from our most nutrient-dense green juices.

Email: [email protected] | Phone: 631.668.8286


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