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Good Vibes on the Go

Our mission when we started Montauk Juice Factory was grounded in the belief that food should be empowering and a celebration of life. No matter your lifestyle, having access to clean, plant-based goodness can change the way you feel about your body, your mind and your purpose. Helping others find this balance led us on a mission to offer the best juice we could possibly make to a spot we deeply treasure, Montauk. Using only organic, high-vibe ingredients made with intentional, purpose-driven recipes, every one of our products is designed to nourish your body, fuel your next adventure and revive the magic of your everyday life.

Slowly we have been expanding our outreach past the 11954 zip code, delivering juice up and down Long Island and into the city. Starting off with simple home and office deliveries, which then led to wholesaling at a variety of locations, offering good vibes on the go.

If you’re craving some of our righteous juice, but can’t make it all the way out to Montauk, hit up one of these locations for a quick fix.

The City:

Along Long Island:

East End:

There are more locations popping up every week, so be on the look out for MJF coming your way.


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